About Us

R.V. Industries, located in the city of Jamnagar, is a world leader in manufacturing of precision products for the HVAC Industry, Medical devices, Electronics and other high-performance industries.

The essence of innovation and development are the pillars of RV industries with consumer wellbeing at its core. We work towards providing advanced yet comprehensive Precision products, supported by our integrated facilities and 360° capabilities.

The flexibility of our development process allows us to accommodate special requirements of our clients giving us a chance to deliver them a wholesome experience of machining and outsourcing.

Continuously evolving and adapting to the upcoming technologies helps us in providing better cost reducing, comprehensive and timely solutions to your industrial requirements.

With our cumulative experience of 20+ years, we focus on delivering quality products to the global market and on building a strong B2B presence while continuing to grow our capabilities.

Why Entrust Us with your Requirements?

When you choose RVI, you benefit from our core competencies:

Cumulative experience of over 2 decades Blending of experienced craftmanship with latest technology Commitment to delivering top-notch Quality Reliable One stop Solution for Non-Ferrous Metal machining

Finding just the right partner for outsourcing your projects can be challenging sometimes and we are here to make that process easier for you. We understand the risks, time and resources our partners invest in selecting a right supplier and its our first priority to deliver on the promise of both quality and reliability.

There are certainly benefits of outsourcing your projects and a gist of them includes-

Reducing the cost structure and retaining a bigger margin by managing cost flexibility during capacity fluctuation and high investments. Freeing resources that can be utilized on core business and management. Getting a one stop solution for all your high precision and demanding machining requirements.