The essence of innovation and development are the pillars of RV industries with consumer wellbeing at its core. We work towards providing advanced yet comprehensive Precision products, supported by our integrated facilities and 360° capabilities,

The flexibility of our development process allows us to accommodate special requirements of our clients. We continuously evolve and adapt to the upcoming technologies to help us provide better cost reducing, comprehensive and timely solutions to your industrial requirements.

With our cumulative experience of 20+ years, we focus on delivering quality products to the domestic market and on building a strong B2B presence while continuing to grow our export business.


• We champion the art of precision and shift the way people look at the concept of cost effective quality
• We are committed to make the whole manufacturing experience an insightful experience for our clients.
• We identify with our client, individually evaluating each drawing to offer solution that yields more product strength with less expense.
• We value and promote seamless interaction with clients’ own teams, and ensure the best value is obtained for their project.
• Our experienced and skilled team means we have expertise which reached across sectors to ensure we deliver goods that identify with the domestic and international standards.
• Flexible and adoptive towards the specific requirements of clients, offering a personalised experience and solution for the product underdevelopment.
• Providing manufacturing processes of all types – Extrusion, Castings, Stamping, Forging, Turning, Milling, Coating, Plating, various finishes, etc.
• Any new process can be offered if required. To know more please feel free to contact our team.